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Landscaping And Renovations

YardBoysYardGirls provides lawn care to preserve and enhance a client's landscape investment.

We also take on landscape management projects as simple as caring for residential grass and shrubs, or as elaborate as a tending to turf, trees and other landscape elements at a luxury resort.

Maintaining the “attractiveness” of landscapes is essential for commercial and retail own businesses.  Landscape is not just the simple summer lawn-mowing job anymore!

Glenda Scott Operations Manager


Some of Our Services

  • Monitor lawn and landscape quality

  • Perform seeding and aeration (removal of small soil plugs from the ground)

  • Perform grass fertilization

  • Mulch and fertilize flower beds

  • Prune and trim small trees and shrubs

  • Control and prevent weeds, insects and diseases

  • Perform Integrated Pest Management (IPM) using mechanical, organic and chemical controls

Latest Projects

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